World Trade Center Utah Celebrates 15 Years of Making Utah the Crossroads of the World

SALT LAKE CITY – Founded in 2006, World Trade Center Utah (WTC Utah) has been supporting Utah’s international business engagement for 15 years. WTC Utah has played a vital role in elevating the state’s global status while growing prosperity here at home. To celebrate, the organization hosted its board and key business and government leaders for an event and reception on August 19th in the newly renovated World Trade Center at City Creek lobby. 

Nearly one in every four jobs in the state are supported by international trade and investment.  Last year, international sales added $5 billion in additional revenue for Utah’s small businesses, and Utah’s export growth rate has been the highest in the nation for the past two years.

“My ancestors grew up with Utah being the crossroads of the West,” shared WTC Utah’s Chair Jon Huntsman. “But now we’re playing big ball and Utah is the crossroads of the world. This makes World Trade Center Utah and its mission more important than ever before.”

Since January, WTC Utah has leveraged its global network, programs, and services to help over 100 companies pursue global opportunities. The state’s key industries, from agriculture and life sciences to aerospace and defense, all continue to accelerate their growth internationally. Alongside public and private sector partners, WTC Utah is sharing Utah’s story with the world. “It’s a heavy lift,” said Miles Hansen, the organization’s president and CEO, “but we have some of the strongest players involved.” Such players include two previous presidents, Lew Cramer and Derek Miller, and two long-time board members, Scott Anderson and Natalie Gochnour, all of which were honored in the event for their efforts to promote Utah’s international business.

Hansen, who has now led the organization for three years, later said, “In a world that seems dark at times, Utah is not only exporting its products and services, but also the ‘Utah Way.’ We’re committed to making a global difference by exposing foreign markets to our innovative solutions – one business at a time.”