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Virtual Trade Mission to Israel

July 27-29, 2020

The United States is Israel’s single largest trading partner. Through World Trade Center (WTC) Utah’s Virtual Trade Mission, you can connect directly with Israeli business and government leaders. Utah companies interested in learning about Israel, expanding into the area, or increasing their business in the market are encouraged to register for this Virtual Trade Mission.

Why Israel:

  • The U.S.-Israeli bilateral economic and commercial relationship is strong, anchored by two-way trade in goods that reached USD 35.4 billion in 2018.
  • Since signing the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in 1985, U.S.-Israel trade has grown eight-fold.
  • Nearly all non-agricultural trade tariffs between the U.S. and Israel have been eliminated since 1995.
  • Popularly known as “Start-Up Nation,” Israel invests heavily in education and scientific research.

Virtual Trade Mission participants will represent the state in an effort to generate new business opportunities. Register now to connect with World Trade Center staff to customize your Virtual Trade Mission experience and help shape the discussion. Registration links are provided on the following tabs.

Market Briefing with the Consul General of Israel 

Monday, July 27th at 08:30 am MST

Speaker for this session: Dr. Hillel Newman, Consul General of Israel to the Pacific Southwest

This webinar will discuss the current business environment in Israel, touch briefly upon the political environment, review main industries, and address opportunities for U.S. companies to conduct business in Israel despite not being able to travel there at the moment.

Biography for Hillel Newman:

Dr. Hillel Newman assumed the post of Consul General of Israel in July 2019, where he serves as the senior representative of the State of Israel to the Pacific Southwest. During his twenty-year diplomatic service, Consul General Newman accumulated vast experience in policy formulation and decision-making at the highest levels of Israel’s foreign policy establishment. He has served in several influential and critical positions including Policy Advisor to three Foreign Ministers of Israel and Ambassador of Israel to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Before he joined the diplomatic service, he attained a Ph.D. in Jewish History, and served as a professor of Jewish history, teaching graduate courses at Bar Ilan University and Boston University. He has authored and published a book on Jewish sectarianism during the Hellenistic and Roman period. For the past five years, he has also served as a key lecturer on Judaism in the NATO Defense College.

Most recently, Consul General Newman served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as both Special Policy Advisor to the Director General and as Director of the World Jewish Affairs Department. He has been intimately involved in the most current and pressing issues confronting global Jewry. Previously, Consul General Newman served also in the Strategic Division of the Ministry, playing a key role in coordinating efforts related to strategic threats facing the State of Israel.

As Ambassador to the Republics of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, both Muslim countries, he promoted political, business and security ties with these countries. He also initiated several projects and agreements in the fields of medicine, education, agriculture and humanitarian aid.

Consul General Newman first became familiar with the United States while serving as Deputy Consul General in Boston, to the New England Region between 2001-2005. He engaged in diverse public diplomacy efforts, conducted briefings on political and security issues and took a special interest in building inter-faith and inter-ethnic relations.

Consul General Newman made Aliyah with his family from South Africa, served as a medic in the IDF and is married to Ayala. The couple have a ten-year-old son, Ram.

His favorite hobbies are reading, nature tours, sporting events and scuba diving.

Breakout Session: Technology and Innovation

Monday, July 27th at 09:45 am MST

Speaker for this session: Adiv Baruch, Chairman of the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, the Jerusalem Technology Investments Ltd., Maayan Ventures, and Covertix.

Biography for Adiv Baruch:

Adiv Baruch has been involved in the High-tech industry for the last 32 years. Currently, Mr. Baruch also serves as Chairman of Jerusalem Technology Investments Ltd and Maayan Ventures, a platform for investments in innovative Israeli technology companies. Additionally, Mr. Baruch serves as the Chairman of Covertix, whose patented technology delivers real-time, non-invasive control, protection, and tracking of confidential files.

Mr. Baruch is the Chairman of Institute of Technology and Innovation, which is a leader in educating technology professionals and innovative entrepreneurs.
Mr. Baruch served as Chairman of the public committee of the Hi-Tech and Telecom Division at the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute (IEICI), and he was a member of the audit committee of the board of IEICI.

Previously, Mr. Baruch was one of the founders of Ness Technologies, grown the company to become the first Israeli IT service company into a Global IT services company. Mr. Baruch has served as President for Nyotron, a global cyber technology company, and served as a director of the Bank of Jerusalem, and he serves or has served on the boards of a variety of charitable organizations including Make-A-Wish Foundation and is currently active Chairman of Or-Lachayal. Also, he has been an active member of the Young President organization (YPO).

Mr. Baruch has global experience and is involved with variety of companies on the US, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong exchanges.

Mr. Baruch served in the Israeli Navy and holds an Engineering degree from The Technion, the leading engineering institute in Israel.

Breakout Session: Defense and Security (including Cybersecurity)

Tuesday, July 28th at 08:30 am MST

Speaker for this session: Doron Bergerbest-Eilon, former Director of the Security and Protection Division of the Israel Security Agency (ISA) and Israel’s most-senior ranking anti-terrorism official, a position equivalent to the rank of Major General.

Biography for Doron Bergerbest-Eilon:

Mr. Bergerbest-Eilon’s national responsibilities with the ISA included the protection and security of: Israeli dignitaries; international and internal border crossings; Israeli domestic and international civil aviation and foreign civil aviation in the State of Israel; Israeli ports and Israeli vessels in foreign ports; Israel’s diplomatic security service; and Israeli official delegations travelling abroad, such as Olympic teams, official exhibitions and other forums. In this capacity, Mr. Bergerbest-Eilon was also responsible for two national authorities: the National Authority for the Protection of Classified Information and the National Cyber Authority for the Protection of Israel’s Critical Infrastructure, including energy, transportation, health and water supply.

Mr. Bergerbest-Eilon is the Founder, President and CEO of ASERO, where he advises clients on strategic and tactical security challenges and provides assistance to both governments and corporations to prepare, mitigate and recover from threats of terrorism and other hazards; protect lives and critical assets; safeguard against cyber threats; enhance emergency preparedness procedures and capabilities; and ensure business continuity of operations.

In May 2005, Mr. Bergerbest-Eilon was presented with the Director’s Recognition Award, the U.S. Secret Service Director’s highest commendation. Today, Mr. Bergerbest-Eilon serves on the Board of Advisors Funds for Pictet & Cie in Switzerland and as the Consul General of the Republic of Palau to Israel.

Mr. Bergerbest-Eilon holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) and a Masters Degree (MA) in Political Science, specializing in national security from Haifa University in Israel. He is also a graduate of the Executive Master of Business Administration program at Tel Aviv University.

Breakout Session: Water

Tuesday, July 28th at 09:45 am MST

Speaker for this session: Danny Lacker, Head of the Water Security and Emergency Division Israeli Water Authority.

Biography for Danny Lacker:

Today, Danny Lacker serves as the Head of the Water Security and Emergency Division Israeli Water Authority, handling responsibility and regulation for all issues of economic security and emergency water in State of Israel.

Previously, Mr. Lacker worked as the Senior VP to the Israeli Water Authority of Administration and Human Resources Logistics Organization. Before that he served as the Director of Security and Emergency at the Water Administration for 7 years in local authorities. Prior to that, he worked as the Department director and later director of the Ra’anana Municipality City appearance.

In his early career, Mr. Lacker worked as the Tel Aviv Office Manager of Saar Security Company after seven years of IDF Military service at the combat engineering corps as a Lt. Colonel.

Mr. Lacker received his B.A. in political science and public administration from the Bar-Ilan University in 1995 and his M.A In political science and public administration from the Bar-Ilan University in 2004.

Breakout Session: Life Science & Healthcare

Wednesday, July 29th at 08:30 am MST

Speaker for this session: Assaf Barnea, Chairman of the Life Science Advisory Board at The Israel Export Institute and leader of Sanara Ventures, a healthcare innovation fund backed by Phillips and Teva.

Biography for Assaf Barnea:

Mr. Assaf Barnea is a seasoned entrepreneur and venture professional, with extensive, multidisciplinary experience in building innovation platforms and leading commercialization processes in healthcare. He leads Sanara Ventures, a healthcare innovation fund backed by Phillips and Teva.

In addition to leading Sanara, Mr. Barnea chairs the Life Science Advisory Board at The Israel Export Institute, on behalf of the Israeli government, promoting and advancing the export of Israeli technologies in the medical, biotech, pharma and digital fields in global markets. A valued consultant, Mr. Barnea also advises the World Bank’s IFC venture capital team and is a co-founder of the IFC’s Tech Emerge initiative; a unique acceleration platform that connects healthcare startups from around the world with leading corporations and hospitals in emerging economies. On December 2018, Tech Emerge Health has won the world bank group president’s award for innovation.

Formerly, Mr. Barnea was one of the founders of CardioSense, a medtech startup company that developed a probe for early shock detection in various medical settings.

Before lending his multidisciplinary acumen to Sanara Ventures, Assaf served as CEO of Kinrot Ventures, spearheading its acquisition by Hutchison Water in 2012. Prior to this, he headed business development at Mekorot, Israel’s national water company, where he oversaw the establishment of WaTech, the Entrepreneurship & Partnership Center for Water Technologies. For his accomplishments in both Mekorot and Kinrot, he received the Cleantech Group’s Innovation Hero Award in April 2013, which recognizes individuals whose commitment, drive and passion have made a tangible difference for innovation in general and specifically for many start-up companies. Previously, Mr. Barnea served for four years as director of business development at Comverse, where he also co-chaired the Mobile Marketing Association.

A unique highlight in Assaf’s story is his former stint as a college basketball player at New Jersey’s Seton Hall University, where he won the Big East championship against Georgetown. He went on to play professional basketball in Israel’s national league, while completing multiple academic degrees. A certified lawyer, Mr. Barnea holds both law and business degrees from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzelia, as well as a BA in political science and psychology from Tel-Aviv University.

Roundtable Discussion with Utah and Israeli Companies

Wednesday, July 29th at 09:45 am MST

Take part in a roundtable discussion with Israeli companies interested in doing business in Utah. Anyone interested in facilitating these companies’ efforts in Utah or interested in doing business in Israel is invited to participate. Key business Utah leaders will share the merits of doing business in Utah, discuss our main industries and possible incentives to bring the right companies to our home state. You will have a chance to speak with interested Israeli companies, “match make,” and ask questions.

Discover Procurement Opportunities with the Israeli Ministry of Defense

Starting Thursday, July 23rd

Join us for a series of virtual meetings hosted by the Israeli Ministry of Defense (MOD), the Utah Israel Economic Council, and World Trade Center Utah to learn how Utah companies can contract with Israel’s Ministry of Defense. As the offshore procurement program phases out of U.S. foreign military funding to Israel, U.S. businesses are discovering new opportunities to supply Israeli defense needs across their aviation, medical, naval, communications, intelligence, and electronics sectors. These virtual meetings will demonstrate how Utah companies can find and win new business in Israel.

Part 1 – Foreign Military Funding Opportunities – Overview: The Israeli Ministry of Defense will provide an in-depth overview of opportunities available for U.S. Companies and explain how Utah companies can access and navigate the MOD online platform to pursue Foreign Military Financing.
When: Thursday, July 23 at 9 am MDT

Part 2 – Industry Roundtables: Utah companies are invited to participate in industry-specific roundtables. Industries include aviation, medical devices, naval applications, communications, intelligence, and electronics.
When: TBC

Part 3 – One-On-One Meetings: MOD Section Leaders will meet one-on-one with Utah companies to provide additional instruction on finding and bidding on RFP’s for Israeli MOD.
When: TBC

Register now and more information will be sent to you via email. If you have any questions about these breakout sessions, please reach out to WTC Utah Trade Services Manager Jim Porter at