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State-led International Trade Missions & Shows

Join World Trade Center Utah and represent the state of Utah abroad.
STEP funding is available for those who qualify. Click here to learn more.

* New Trade Opportunities (NTO) = Actual Sales + Prospective Sales resulting from trade and/or investment activity and as reported in client impact statements

Click here for a list of domestic trade shows eligible for STEP Grant funding

Innovative Material Meetings (IMM) Utah 2020 is a two-day business convention featuring a high level summit and prearranged one-to-one meetings. Focused on the use and application of advanced materials, across the Outdoor and Aerospace industries. IMM will drive progress and purposeful connections between key industry participants.

Registration is open, and Utah participants not only benefit from discounted prices but also have access to STEP funding at this international event – hosted in Salt Lake City. For more information, visit