Southeast Asia Business Trip

Value Prop

Discover Opportunities and Diversify Your Supply Chain

➕ July 14–22, 2023 (includes travel days)
➕ Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; with half-day side trips to Batam, Indonesia, and Johor, Malaysia
➕ $4,000 (does not include travel expenses and lodging)*

World Trade Center Utah is leading qualifying Utah companies to Southeast Asia’s top manufacturing and distribution hubs — Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam — to explore economic and business opportunities in this region.

Offering an alternative solution to many current supply chain woes, Southeast Asia has become an increasingly attractive destination for cost-effective sourcing and manufacturing due to its strategic location, low labor and production costs, and shipping efficiency. Moreover, the region is among the fastest-growing consumer markets globally, granting unique opportunities for Utah companies to grow their sales or discover new business partners.

We will continue to update this website with the latest logistical information as we get closer to the business trip.


Our objective for this trip is to have Utah companies walk away with new partners discovered, deals made and contracts signed — whether they be for a better contract manufacturer or new international sales.

Join us in Southeast Asia to

➕ Connect with vetted suppliers and distributors.
➕ Position your company for increased sales.
➕ Forge new international partnerships.
➕ Explore new opportunities with other Utah companies and WTC Utah’s team of experts.


WTC Utah’s Value Proposition

With deep, firsthand experience in the region, WTC Utah maintains close relationships with the local government, business community and other key stakeholders. Through these connections, we are able to create a carefully curated itinerary that will maximize the delegation’s time in the region.

Participation Fee

The $4,000 participation fee for the business trip includes local transportation, networking receptions, and many meals. Participants will separately cover their own airfare and lodging.


Prospective participants must apply for the Southeast Asia business trip by Wednesday, March 1, 2023. Please reach out to Charlotte Serage, manager of trade shows and trade missions, at with any questions or to express interest in potential grant opportunities.

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Cancellation Policy: If a participant cancels their participation of their own accord, the participation fee is non-refundable.