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Project Description

Online Export Education Series

Welcome to World Trade Center Utah’s online export education series. We help companies identify potential foreign markets and mentor them through the exporting process.

Throughout this series, you will learn how you can grow your business by exporting. Navigate through each lesson by clicking the tabs.

WTC Utah explains why and how exporting helps your business and community grow and thrive. In this segment, we discuss different types of exporting including traditional forms of exporting like physical products, as well as services that do not physically cross borders.

Exporting is a long-term strategy and investment that can pay great dividends. In this lesson, we discuss how you can determine your company’s readiness and capacity to go international, and, if you are not ready, what steps you can take to prepare your company to expand to new markets.

In this lesson, we discuss how you can find a mentor with strong export experience, especially with goods or services similar to yours, that can provide you with guidance as you face unique regulations, logistic hurdles and market penetration difficulties.

Every business plan should include an international vision with a path to exporting. This lesson will discuss best practices for developing your company’s international business plan.

In our “Identify Resources” section, WTC Utah will discuss how to identify resources that you can utilize to grow your business internationally. In our first lesson of this section, we will discuss the national, state and local public resources that may help your company begin exporting or expand your international presence. These include resources that can help reduce barriers to trade, finance exporting, improve access to information and connect your company abroad.

In the second lesson of our Identify Resources section, we will discuss private sector resources to help you reach your export goals.  These include export management companies, distributors, shipping, freight forwarders and more.

From grants to small business loans, this section will discuss ways your business can identify short and long-term financing options to grow your business international.

In this video, we discuss the importance of learning the language of exports and cover terms that are a “must know” in international business.