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What Is the Pitch Competition?

The Pitch Competition is an opportunity for small to medium-sized Utah businesses to compete for grant funds to advance their international business goals. This is made possible through a generous contribution by JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Submissions must be received by October 22, 2018 by 5:00 pm (MST). Eligible Utah businesses may submit a 2-minute video pitch on how the additional grant funds will help their businesses expand internationally.

Grant funds can be used for the following services and activities:

  • Services: Legal, translation, international product certifications, website translation, packaging and labeling, transportation/logistics consulting and research services.
  • Travel: State-led trade missions, trade show participation, export lead trips, and U.S. Commercial Services (i.e. Gold Key Services).
  • Education/Training: Tuition and material costs for international business programs such as Salt Lake Community College’s Global Business Management Certificate or other educational and training programs.

How it Works

The top six videos will be displayed on World Trade Center Utah’s website between October 26, 2018 and November 1, 2018 and accessible to the general public for voting purposes. During that time, we encourage you to have friends and family share your video and VOTE for it on our website! One of the three will be selected by popular vote and the other two will be selected by the World Trade Center Utah team. More information to come regarding the general public voting. Lastly, the three top businesses will compete at the Utah Global Forum on November 8 for final awards.


1st Place = $10,000

2nd Place = $7,500

3rd Place = $2,500

Submission Requirements

Eligible small businesses will submit an online application AND a video submission. The online application can be seen at the bottom of this page. Video submissions must be received by October 22, 2018 by 5:00 pm (MST) and not exceed two minutes (2:00) in length. Please describe how the grant funds will help your business advance its international business goals. Applications will be submitted online AND video submissions must be emailed to nsherwood@wtcutah.com. A confirmation email will be sent when BOTH the online application and video has been received.

Tips for your video

  • Keep it succinct and simple.
  • Show your passion for your international business plans.
  • Be clear about what you will accomplish with your business.
  • Remember that your video is meant to inform, engage, and be entertaining.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Small or medium-sized business (SBA small business size standards).
  • Headquartered in Utah.
  • Has been in business for more than one year.
  • Has sufficient resources to bear the costs associated with trade.
  • Is a for-profit business.
  • Has a finished product or qualifying service with at least 51% U.S. content (including costs incurred for marketing and warehousing of product or service).
  • Has an export plan.

Ineligible Businesses (applications will automatically be rejected):

  • Consulting agencies
  • Law firms
  • Real estate developers or groups
  • Distributors representing clients
  • Educational institutions or for-profit schools recruiting students
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Foreign direct investment recruiter
  • Multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing company

Judging Criteria for Videos and Pitch Competition
at the Utah Global Forum

  • Persuasive Entry – Captures people’s attention at the beginning.
  • Presentation – Presenters are clear, professional, and knowledgeable.
  • Creativity – Entertaining and engaging.
  • Logical – Video has a logical order with a defined close.
  • Project – Project is identified and clearly conveyed.
  • Financial – Explains need for additional funds and asks for financial backing.
  • Relevance – Relevance of proposed activities to exporting and international business/expansion.
  • Economic Growth – Potential impact of proposed activities to increase overall sales, number of jobs, and increase exports.
  • Interest – Proactive interest in entering new markets or market expansion.
  • Clear Outline of Goals and Timeline – Detailed and clear outline of proposed activities, goals, and timeline.

Contact Information

Please contact Nicole Sherwood at nsherwood@wtcutah.com or (801)599-9185 with any questions.

Follow the link to watch the final six videos and vote to send your favorite to the Pitch Competition: wtcutah.com/resources/pitch18/