Changes to EU Data Privacy and CyberSecurity Laws to Affect Utah Businesses

The European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation will go into effect in May 2018, and will affect Utah companies doing in any European Union member state. 

Do you ship products to Europe? Do you have customers located in the European Union? Do you have partners in the EU? Do you regularly do business in any EU member country, including but not limited to Germany, France and the UK?

If you are doing business in the EU, your company will be affected by the new cybersecurity and data privacy laws that go into effect in May 2018. It is important to your company’s revenue you are informed about these changes.

Tune into WTC Utah’s inaugural podcast episode now to learn what you need to know about Europe’s new General Data Protection (Regulation).

Tomu Johnson, an attorney at Parsons, Behle & Latimer, is one of the state’s leading experts in data privacy and cybersecurity law. He joins WTC Utah President and CEO Derek Miller in the podcast to discuss the how these new regulations will impact Utah companies doing business in the EU. His segment begins at the 11:50 minute mark.