August Newsletter

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA). The WTCA was born of the idea that doing business around the globe should be as easy as doing business down the street. Since the WTCA’s founding in 1969, over 300 World Trade Centers have been established in nearly 100 countries to promote global trade and investment. We are proud to be a part of the tradition of growing Utah’s prosperity based on this model.

The WTCA is not a franchising organization—each regional member is provided the tools and resources necessary to connect with other members, enhance their business models and in turn serve and nurture their local economies. World Trade Center Utah (WTC Utah) is independently owned and operated, and, as such, is uniquely positioned to connect the people of Utah and Utah businesses in the face of fluid trade policy and international agreements. Through the WTCA network, WTC Utah has access to a wide, deep range of expertise including facilities and services in real estate, trade and economic development and conferences and exhibitions while also working with a local network of Utah business leaders and policy makers through public and private partnerships.

The WTCA kicked off its milestone anniversary campaign at the 50th General Assembly in Querétaro, Mexico in April, where members of our WTC Utah team attended. The Assembly brought together representatives from around the globe, foreign trade delegations and local companies, providing a larger setting to showcase Utah’s unique contribution to the WTCA.

World Trade Center Utah became an official member of the WTCA in April of 2007. Since that time we’ve had the opportunity to be an advocate for one of the premier economies in not just the United States, but in the world. International business supports nearly 1 in 5 jobs in our state as 95 percent of consumers live outside of the United States. A wide range of Utah products – from chocolate to 3D printed antennas – can be found in 197 markets around the world. WTC Utah supports this growth by pursuing three key objectives: 1) Empower Utah businesses to expand international sales to increase revenue and create jobs, 2) Attract foreign investment and facilitate international partnerships to fuel innovation and business development, and 3) Mobilize Team Utah’s international engagement to elevate Utah’s global status.

Continue to follow WTC Utah throughout this monumental year for the WTCA as well as through events, connections and resources offered by WTC Utah to take your business global.

Utah Consular Corps

With maximum elevations reaching just below 12,000 feet, the Wasatch Mountains are a defining feature of Utah’s landscape. Although it might be easy for the 85% of Utah residents who live nestled against this range to feel as though the peaks disconnect us from the outside world, this perception of isolation would be a mistake. In fact, Salt Lake City and the wider Utah community is deeply connected to a global network of business and industry. Organizations like the Utah Consular Corps strive to create these networks by fostering diplomacy and strong, cooperative relationships between Utah and the rest of the world.

Founded in 2001 to address the demands of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, the Utah Consular Corps (UCC) is a professional organization consisting of career or honorary consuls living in the State of Utah. Even after the conclusion of the Games, the UCC remained active to support consuls in their daily duties. Currently, the UCC is made up of 27 consul officers representing 25 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Consuls are members of a country’s Foreign Service that have been appointed by a foreign government to perform consular duties. These representatives are appointed by the heads of state of their respective countries and are then accredited by the United States Department of State. While their positions are official, honorary consuls are not paid for their services–almost all of them find time to serve even though they have full-time careers elsewhere.

Consuls work to develop economic, commercial, scientific and cultural ties between their country of representation and the people they serve — in this case, the people of Utah. One area where honorary consuls can be instrumental is the development of business relations.   

The group works closely with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, the State Legislature, World Trade Center Utah, as well as several of the state’s universities to host foreign delegations in Utah. These visits help to increase Utah’s visibility on a global stage, which in turn drives foreign investment to Utah, increasing trade opportunities and building vital relationships. In addition to local outreach, some UCC members will accompany Utah government and business leaders on overseas trade missions to their respective countries. By working both at home and abroad, consuls help to promote Utah as an important business partner and facilitate strong international connections.

The UCC is headed by an Executive Committee made up of three rotating members. Current UCC leadership includes President David Utrilla, Honorary Consul of Peru; Vice President James Burton, Honorary Consul of Germany; and Secretary and Treasurer Baldomero Lago, Honorary Consul of Spain.

The Utah Consular Corps leadership would like to invite the WTC Utah community to reach out to their members and share their experiences, relationships and expertise. The group can provide valuable connections and advice, and they are eager to connect with the community. For more information about the Utah Consular Corps, including consul contact information, please visit or reach out to

Upcoming Events

Aug. 26-28 UN Civil Society Conference
Sept. 10-13 DSEI 2019 London
Sept. 12 BusinessH2O Water Innovation Summit
Sept. 13-21 Hong Kong and Japan Trade Mission
Sept. 25 Applying for Grants Seminar
Oct. 3 Taking Your Outdoor Products International Seminar
Oct. 6-9 GITEX Future Stars 2019 Dubai
Nov. 18-21 MEDICA Trade Fair Düsseldorf

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